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YouTube Word Finder is the evolution of my open source project "Youtuber-Speech-Word-Detection-Bot" . It is much improved, and should keep up with all the changes YouTube is constantly making and breaking. 

I made YouTube Word Finder a while ago, but it was exclusively licensed to an individual YouTube channel. Today ( ̶2̶2̶/̶0̶4̶/̶2̶0̶2̶1̶)̶ (07/06/2023) I came to my senses and realised the world should be able to use such a useful tool. So I forwent the passive income I was generating from the license, and made it freely available to everyone. There are now currently no ads or sources of revenue, so donatinos are highly appreciated, and allow me to maintain YouTube Word Finder, and numerous other freely available why not buy me a coffee? :)

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